Services Provided by Precision Paint Worx


Insurance Claims
Precision Paint Worx welcomes all insurance claims for any types of boat collision or repair work. We deal with insurance claims and insurance companies regularly. We’ll work directly with you and your insurance provider to process your insurance claim.

Why Bring Your Insurance Claim to Precision Paint Worx?

  • We are recognized by major insurance companies
  • Easy onsite Insurance Claim Processing &  Direct Billing
  • Quality Workmanship & over 30 years on experience working with insurance companies and claims
  • Wide array of trailers to utilize if needed
  • Local Boat owner and operated family business

What Types of Watercraft Claim Work Does Precision Paint Worx Provide?
Precision Paint Worx provides repairs for watercrafts that have been involved in accidents, subjected to vandalism, affected by severe weather such as hail storms, and other common hazards that afflict the drivability, safety, and cosmetic appearance of your boat, yacht, or personal watercraft.

Depending on the extent of your damage, it may require several different types of repairs. During the repair estimation process, we determine where on the vessel the damage occurred, and how much labor and materials are required to bring it back to its original condition as well as an estimated time frame to get you back on the water.

The Completed Projects Vault

Explore a variety of jobs we’ve completed in the past for our customers below…
The 38 Top Gun Punk Bitch | Painted by: Precision Paint Worx
The Donzi | Painted by: Precision Paint Worx